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At the beginning, we produced only wire belt for synthetic fiber in garment industries. Later we have gone further to produce bent & formed wires and straightened wires cut to length according to customer specifications for each application, for instance, steel wires for machines structural use, automobile parts, displayed shelves, office work
SUWAN SUPPLY CAST ALLOY ART FOREVER CO., LTD. Established in 1972, Suwan Supply is a pioneer in developing and manufacturing high quality cast aluminum alloy products, such as, gates, fences, balaster rails, home & garden furniture and accessories. Our office is based in Bangkok and Nakornpathom, Thailand. With over 100 employees and
Modern yet contemporary home accesories and decorative items in simple, functional and beautiful design.
Manufacturer & Exporter Handmade Product. Made from Bronze and Stainless steel such as wash basin ,vase, candle holder ,table wares ,cutlery etc..